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Ventures Lending Technologies customer service team works hard to be the best in the business. Day after day they help customers solve any issues, keep the process efficient, and ensure your needs are met quickly. 

Here are some of the reasons why our clients love our customer support: 

  • Speedy response time:  When you call or submit a ticket, we prioritize getting you support and answers right away.
  • Automated ticket process:  Use our easy ticket system to submit your request and you are quickly connected to a customer support person who gets started right away on resolving your issue.
  • Training options to meet all your needs:  We offer several training options, all designed to make using Ventures+ easier for you and your team.  
  • Experts:  Each team member has deep expertise in our platform and knows it top to bottom.  That means when you have an issue, it is solved quickly and won’t cause a long disruption to your day.
  • Happy: Our priority is to make working with customer support a quick and positive experience.  So, you’ll always find we offer our support with a smile 
customer service support team

Ventures+ Customer Service Team

We Quickly Answer Questions and Resolves Issues

Ventures + testimonial

There is a reason the team is so quick to meet customer needs.  That’s because they are experts. 

In addition to one on one customer support, our team is involved with our products and processes on a daily basis. First and foremost, the team is there to meet a customer’s immediate needs.  

Here’s how they stay current so they can offer the best support and fastest resolutions to issues:



The customer service team at Ventures+ are experts in the operation of our loan origination and management platform. You may encounter them if you attend one of our many live monthly training webinars for onboarding, daily use or a new feature:

      • Onboarding
        When a new client signs up for Ventures+, the customer service team has all the necessary tools and tricks to get the new client up and running in no time. Training is done by one or more members of the team. The sessions are provided online in a live webinar series geared specifically for new users. Clients can ask questions and get the details they need to be comfortable with Ventures+ from day one. They get new clients set up so that when their site goes live, they are prepared to do business without any interruptions.

Ventures + customer service testimonial

      • Daily Use
        The team also holds training sessions on an ongoing basis for any user that might need to brush up or learn about an area of Ventures+ that they are just starting to use. Is there a Ventures+ feature that you haven’t ever used or perhaps haven’t used recently and you want to learn exactly how it works and how it can help you? One of our continuously held training sessions will help you expand your knowledge to bring it into your workflow.
      • New Features
        When a new feature is added, the team makes sure there are plenty of tools and training offerings to help you integrate it into your process.  As an example, when the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was introduced by the SBA in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ventures+ development team went into overdrive to get an application developed in time for the launch of the program. The customer service team was right there with the development team, ensuring that Ventures+ clients and their borrower applicants could navigate the new flow from application to document collection, approval, funding, and finally forgiveness. The customer service team made sure that our users had exactly what they needed by conducting training sessions for each major round in the PPP program.


Knowledge Library

The customer service team writes knowledgebase articles drilling down on almost every area of Ventures+ and Payments+. Our clients are given access to the entire library.  The articles give clients a self-service portal to learn from if that is preferred and the library also provides the team tools to share during one on one sessions.

customer service testimonialDo you need to know how to view ticklers associated with your out of portfolio loans? We have an article about that. 

Maybe you want to learn the details about how to create a custom report. We have an article about that too.

Do you have an employee that has left the company and you want to deactivate their account? You guessed it, we have an article about that too.

We have scores of custom written articles and videos to help get you through the process. 


Keeping up with SBA Processes (504 and 7a)

The Ventures+ team is active in all the right channels when it comes to staying on top of SBA process and procedure updates. 

Between webinars and conferences and our long-time connection to SBA lending, the customer service team has their ears to the ground listening for any new information. 

In addition to enhanced client support, this also allows the team to guide the development of new features that might be necessary to support the changes. 

Their efforts help customers with onboarding, adopting new functionality, and learning how to get the most out of the platform.

As you can see, the Ventures+ customer service team has a depth of knowledge that has helped them earn their accolades. Come experience it for yourself!

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