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You are in the day to day operations and can easily see how loan origination software would make a huge difference for your company.  

You experience first hand the value technology can bring to your efficiency and accuracy, ultimately, making a positive impact on the bottomline and customer experience.  

You may wonder: “How can I convince my boss to be on board and help make it a reality?”  

By sharing the right positioning and considerations that speak to your bosses point of view, you can improve your odds that they will say yes to purchasing loan origination software significantly.

Here are a few tips on how to talk to your boss and how best to position your recommendation.  


What Your Boss Wants To Know When Making A Big Purchase 


What Your Boss Wants To Know When Making A Big Purchase


Your boss is responsible for the team you are a member of and possibly has even bigger responsibilities. When preparing to approach your boss consider the following:



One of your bosses’ main concerns is the productivity of the team. 

Here are the important ways loan management technology improves productivity: 


  • It brings efficiencies to an often laborious and detail-oriented process (especially if it is currently being done manually) 
  • Provides one point of entry for data that can then be automated to extend to other parts of the process 
  • Allows staff to increase volume
  • Data integrity saves time so staff is not spending more time double-checking accuracy



Your boss will need to know the cost options and how they fit with your needs. 

Call the software vendor and get all the fee details ahead of time.  Don’t forget to ask about any extra fees or add-ons so you can present the whole picture and there won’t be any surprises later. 

Be prepared to map out the various pricing packages that are offered that meet your department’s needs.  Create a chart that calls out what benefits each budget level would bring to the company and why those benefits are valuable.


Data integrity 

Have you noticed breakdowns in your current process? 

Do you find inconsistencies with your data across the many documents needed when managing a loan file?  

Data integrity is critical to the process and may be something where your boss doesn’t realize the current effort needed to ensure a strong and accurate file.  Data integrity means you have data that is accurate, complete, and reliable.  Working with a software system increases your level of data integrity across the lifecycle of a loan package 

Talk to your boss about what goes into managing data integrity and explain the checks and balances loan origination software brings to solve for this issue.  

If you are spending all your time double-checking data and could be processing more loans, your boss wants to know and will want a solution.



Is your process manual?  

Are you using various software solutions that sometimes talk to each other nicely and sometimes don’t?  

If you package SBA loans, how efficient is your process working with E-Tran?

There is no question that efficiency matters to your boss and can improve company results.  

This is a great topic to address with your boss.  You’ll need to first list out all the points in your process you think are inefficient and then map them with how loan origination software can make a difference.  

Our loan origination software platform (Ventures+) offers an all in one solution so you aren’t working between tools and programs which brings tremendous efficiency to the process.  


Cloud-based – All In One System 

Have multiple offices? 

People working remote? 

Staff on different schedules?  

With a cloud-based solution, the system can be accessed anytime and from anywhere by anyone they choose.

If you’re part of a large team, this can make your life a whole lot easier. Plus, because you’re only using one system, you have a single point of contact for dealing with technical issues.

Ultimately your boss may not be in the trenches with you day to day, but they (hopefully) want you to be as happy, productive, and efficient as possible.

So don’t be afraid to talk to them about it. But take your time preparing because the more prepared you are, the more likely they will be to say yes to your suggestion to buy loan origination software.


Assess Your Current Process to Prepare

In order to help you prepare, here is a list of questions to answer about your current process so you can see where technology brings value.

  • Is there anywhere in your current process where you have to enter the same data two, three or more times? Duplicate data entry is the source of so many problems.
  • Do you find typos? If nobody notices those typos and they make it through to your closing documents, what do you do?
  • What happens when a typo puts you in the position to have to reproduce your entire closing package? That costs time and money.
  • Have inaccurate documents gotten out to the borrower or a partner? That can be embarrassing and damaging to your reputation.
  • Is your process manual?
  • Do you use multiple software tools?
  • If you use multiple software systems, are they connected to each other?
  • Have you ever had to troubleshoot problems that occur between systems?
  • Which system’s tech support do you call first? It isn’t always clear. Even if you have a great relationship with the technical support team, situations like this often can turn into both sides pointing the finger at each other regarding where the source of the problem lies. Managing this process and chasing down the issues can be time-consuming which costs you money.
  • Are you paying more for your multiple system solution than you would with a single integrated system?


Objection Handling Before Your Conversation

Since your boss hasn’t made the decision to buy loan management software on their own, you should expect some questions or concerns. 

You should try to anticipate what these might be and have some talking points ready to go if and when they come up. Every boss is different so this is where your relationship with them comes into play. 


“It’s not in our budget.”

If your boss says that purchasing loan origination software is too expensive, present the benefits talked about above.  

You may need to be patient and can politely suggest that the next time budgets are planned that this is something that should be considered. 

Talking about the long term benefits (and the value added from increased efficiency) could help get the project into the budget and on the timeline for the following year.


“When would we have time to train on a new system?

The need to train staff on a new system combined with the objection of what you currently have works just fine could again be addressed by going over the productivity benefits of the new system. 

Having some common gripes of the staff in mind to share is another great way to show how what you have works but you could have something that works better.  

You can also agree that the initial training may be a big lift but the value down the road is well worth it and that the staff is willing to put the time in to make this change.


Tips For The Big Conversation

If you’ve been dropping hints and suggestions to your boss for a while and are ready to make the big recommendation to buy loan management software, you should be prepared for many different types of reactions. 

It could help to get some time on your boss’s calendar and put together a short presentation. It is a little formal but having their attention, even if just for 30 minutes, will greatly help your cause. 

If you can’t get a timeslot or your boss is otherwise too busy for a formal conversation, maybe you could schedule a lunch meeting to have a more informal conversation.  

You can also put together a detailed presentation deck and share it with your boss via email and then follow up asking for a meeting to discuss it in the coming weeks.

Bring your boss along on the journey.  Let them know that you think there are some systems that may bring great value to the team and bottomline.  Then let them know you have requested some details and will share the information.

No matter how the conversation takes place, there are a few things you can do to give it a chance at being a success. The first thing is to pick an angle. 

Maybe it is the cost savings or maybe employee stress and moral or simple productivity but having a plan of how to start the conversation will help you stay on track. 

Think about what matters to your boss most and start there. 

If you’re the kind of person to rehearse these things, you should. You are going for a coherent conversation with relevant points that doesn’t stray off topic. Your boss is busy. Make sure you stay on topic.

Finally, you need to put yourself in your boss’s shoes and empathize with them. If you can see things through their eyes you will have a much easier time connecting with them and your point will resonate that much more. 

This is where knowing your boss can be really helpful. If you can anticipate their reactions you can craft your message to alleviate objections before they happen.


What To Do If Your Boss Says No

There are really two responses that you should expect from your boss, a solid, maybe with a request for more details, or a flat out no. 

Getting an instant yes when suggesting a change such as buying loan management software is unlikely. 

There are just too many variables. 

Your boss might need to run the idea by their boss or other departments. As we spoke about above, the budget has to be considered. 

Obviously if you get a maybe, you should be prepared to present your reasoning and let things play out while occasionally reminding your boss about it.

If your boss says no, the first thing you should do is find out why your boss is against the idea. You need to be respectful of your boss’s decision. The more information you have about it, the better you can be prepared to try and persuade them to change their mind in the future. 

It can be discouraging if your boss doesn’t see your points or doesn’t agree with your assertion that loan management software will help your organization. Take what you have learned and figure out how you can use it in future conversations. 

It can help to be subtle, depending on your boss, rather than having it sound like you are just continually complaining about the same problems. 

The point is to try to get your boss to see the value in the purchase. If you do it right, you just might get them to change their mind but be aware, it could take a while.


Seeing is believing

If you are still unclear about how to approach the subject of buying loan management software with your boss, the Ventures+ team is happy to help

Sometimes seeing is believing.  

If your boss is open to a demonstration of our product we would be happy to facilitate one for anybody in your organization that is interested. 

If you have specific needs or concerns we can even tailor the demo to focus on those items and how we can help.


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