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Among the many tasks of managing your loan portfolio is communication.  Ventures+ has developed several key features to make either bulk or individual communication easier.  In any given communication you may want to include any number of items that are already in your Ventures+ system, with our Template Designer and Tokens, you have tools that can automatically pull the data for you which both improves your efficiency and accuracy.  It’s a win win for you and the client.

Ventures+ is a robust platform with many features designed to make your life easier and to improve the accuracy of your efforts.  Here are two that our clients rave about and use on a daily basis, Template Designer and Tokens.


Tokens Make Bulk Communication Easy 


Our Template Designer and Token system help you quickly and easily compose documents related to a borrower, a loan or a pending loan application. Ventures+ Templates let you define the content of a document and the tokens merge data from your system into the document. 


Template Designer allows you to customize your content. It uses all the standard formatting controls that you are accustomed to using. 

  • Choose fonts, weights, and text alignment
  • Insert images and links
  • Add bulleted or numbered lists. 
  • Include a data table.


Tokens are connected to your data. The magic comes in with the option to insert tokens that represent data already stored in Ventures+. The Token System is very powerful, especially for any bulk communication. By inserting “Tokens” throughout the document where needed, lenders are able to generate the same document for any number of recipients.


If you are familiar with mail merge in Microsoft Word then mapping data to tokens when generating a document will be familiar. Here are a few steps to building a document with tokens:

  • Construct your document and format it how you would like. 
  • Insert tokens where you want to pull data dynamically
  • The letter automatically adapts itself to the loan or borrower you are targeting. 
  • Easily generate a batch of documents intended for many different recipients.


See below for an example of a document being developed in the Template Designer.  The sections with a red box represent data that has been attached to a Token.

These tokens allow data to be pulled from an existing loan file as well as some other handy tokens like your company logo and a way to always populate today’s date. There are many, many token options available when constructing your template definition.


Web Template


Here are some examples of data tokens that can be placed in a Ventures+ Template Designer: 


Data Tokens            Data Tokens


Below is an example of the document configuration once it has pulled in the Token data. Note the company logo, the date it was generated and the tax ID number. This data, and everything else that was tokenized in the configuration was pulled directly from Ventures+. You are ensured to have the same data as it lives in Ventures+ populated in the document!


Using a Web Template for a Specific Loan


As part of setting up your system, you will have created several web templates.  Once your templates are created, it is easy to utilize any template for sending communication associated with any loan.


Here’s how to generate a Web Template letter:

  • Navigate to documents >> generate.
  • Select the template you need. 
  • Click the link to generate a single document. 
  • If you have multiple documents to make, you can select multiple checkboxes and click the generate button. 
  • Select the preferred format, Word document or a PDF file
  • Choose delivery, either to download the files or send them via email.


Below is an example of template that was set up that the user can easily generate:


ventures dashboard

Quick and Easy


Document generation is a powerful tool designed to make your life easier and prevent expensive typos or worse, unintended content. Ventures+ Web Templates, Template Designer and Tokens makes configuring the content and the look and feel of any custom document quick and easy. 

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