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PPP SBA LENDING: End to End Solution from Application through Forgiveness

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The smart way to manage small business loans and grow your portfolio.

Latest Features


The newest Ventures+ feature to streamline your loan origination & management process

Loan Data Collection

Easily gather loan details, business name, business ownership, existing debt information and documents when servicing loans

Easy Access

Data and documents flow directly into Ventures loan management software on demand


  • Define custom documents and checklists
  • E-signatures for any kind of small business loans, including SBA 504 and 7a loan servicing

Application Management

  • Unique application channels for different loan types
  • Soft pull of owners FICO score for pre-qualification

Loan Referral Tracking

Referral source tracking


Two way messaging portal with applicants


Document Storage+

  • Store documents within your loan records in the cloud
  • Customize your document categories
  • Map to ETRAN buckets

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End to end solution from application through forgiveness
Facilitated over $4.3 Billion in PPP SBA loan approvals to date


Small Business Loan Management Just Got Easier

If you process small business loans, now you can replace cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, eliminate manual data entry and manage the entire loan process – from loan application & origination to closing the loan application – with ease.

Ventures+ loan portfolio management software is a powerful and efficient way to manage and grow your loan portfolio, including SBA 504 and 7a loans. Ventures+ gives you all the helpful features you need to process and submit a loan – including loan servicing and loan reporting – and follow and track the loan throughout the entire process.  No more tracking through spreadsheets.

No more time-consuming data entry in multiple documents or screens when servicing small business loans. You’ll have everything you need in one place and can share documents with everyone who needs access.

So if you’re ready to dump time-exhausting data entry or clunky spreadsheets, check out what Ventures+ small business loan software has to offer.

The Smarter and More Efficient Way To Manage Your Loan Process

If you’re a small business lender looking for a way to reduce costs and speed up the process of gathering and sharing loan process documents and data, Ventures+ small business loan software management is for you.

With Ventures+ you can put all the documents and data in one location, share documents with everyone who needs access and streamline the work process – no need to duplicate data entry or make annoying photocopies.


Ventures+ is smart about data entry. Intuitive prompts and reminders help you get the right data where it needs to be.


View, filter and analyze your loan data like never before. Ventures+ makes it easy to view and create useful reports so you know what’s going on at every step in the loan management process.


No more hunting for fields or data when servicing a loan. Find things quickly and easily within the intuitive Ventures+ interface.


Are you already using software to streamline your loan management document flow? Many connect seamlessly with Ventures+.  Contact us to see if our API’s will work with your 3rd party vendor.


Ventures+ is a cloud based loan management and portfolio software. Get secure access to your loans anytime, anywhere.

Features That Make Your Loan Management Process Easier

When we developed Ventures+ lending software, we thought of everything we would want in a loan portfolio management software. Here are just a few of the core features of the software:

  • Web-based
  • Loan origination, servicing and management for any commercial loan program including SBA
  • Financial analysis
  • Credit Memos for SBA & Commercial loans included (ability to customize is an add-on module)
  • SBA Loan Submission
  • Loan Portfolio Reporting
  • Ticklers to keep you on track
  • Rule-based validation
  • Loan Export/Import
  • Roles-based security

Add-on Modules include:

  • Payments +
  • Document Storage+
  • Credit Memo customization



Apply+ Demo

Learn about about our new borrower application portal
Reach out to info@venturesgo.com to schedule a demo


What Our Clients Say About Our Loan Management Software

Ventures+ is extremely versatile with great built-in management tools and the ability to easily create your own. Since it’s web-based, the updates are immediate and seamless. CDC Ventures is more than just our software vendor, they are our partner in managing our 504 and Community Advantage lending processes. Their customer service is truly exceptional.
Mark Cousineau

President, Community Investment Corporation

The software has helped us make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of business owners. Ventures+ is the MVP of the PPP program.
Randy Kyle

Chief Operating Officer, WBD, Inc., a Certified Development Company in Madison, Wisconsin

We were able to process 1,444 loans in nine days. Ventures+ is saving us a ton of time, allowing us to fund more quickly and make our small business borrowers very happy. (in reference to Paycheck Protection Program Loans – PPP)
Tom McHale

Regional President , Pursuit Lending, a mission-based lender in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Thank you for all of the work Ventures has done to prep for PPP. I have been so impressed with your training material. It has made it so smooth for us as we respond to all of this. Thank you!
Laurel Walk

Chief Lending Officer, Colorado Lending Source

Ventures+ is constantly evolving with more solutions that help all phases of our loan process. And the customer support is outstanding!
Evan Shaw

Credit Analyst, Business Finance Group

Ventures+ is a breath of fresh air in a data driven world. Accessing loan data, moving from screen to screen and completing tasks is extremely easy to do. Ventures+ was created with a primary goal of ease of use while ensuring accuracy and completeness throughout the program. The transition to Ventures+ was seamless and the training was thorough.
Todd E. Kobernick

Attorney, Law Offices of Todd E. Kobernick