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Ventures is our premier lending product providing lenders with the ability to handle the bulk of what they are looking for in a lending system. It is a one stop solution that utilizes the initial data entered all the way through the life of the loan.

Loan Processing

Typically a loan begins in Ventures as a prospect where the financials are spread to evaluate the repayment ability of the borrower.  A series of screens are then completed to address the borrower’s background, collateral and loan needs.  All this information will then flow through to the credit memo, other documents and Etran for SBA lending.  Ventures can be used for any commercial loan program and provides the ability to differentiate between programs. 


Financial Analysis

  • Lender may customize spreadsheets
  • Unlimited number of statements can be spread
  • Unlimited number of entities and individuals statements permitted
  • Consolidated Financials
  • Global Cash Flow
  • UCA Cash Flow
  • Importing of RMA data for comparison using Estatement Studies
  • Borrower’s ratios automatically calculated


Customizable Credit Memo


Documents both standard government documents and ability to custom documents


SBA Electronic submission for SBA lending


Pipeline Tracking


Customizable Task List to assign tasks to internal users

Portfolio Management

One of the most vital elements of a loan system is managing the Portfolio.  Ventures delivers the tools to track loan covenant requirements, provides tools to standardize and automate a lot of the process and produces system and custom reports.


Covenant Tracking


Ticklers with ability to send emails to borrowers or other contacts for collection of items


Customizable Risk Rating


Customizable Task Lists to assist in tracking various processes associated with loan changes.

This ensures steps are not overlooked and individual tasks within the list can be assigned to different individuals.


Tracking of loan changes, list of actions are customizable. Some examples include:

  • Guarantor changes
  • Collateral changes
  • Deferments
  • Subordination


Spreading of Financial Statements for continued analysis throughout the term of the loan

Optional tax return uploading tool can be added which automates the spreading of tax returns in bulk.



  • System Built in Reports
  • Custom Report Writer


Customization of documents by importing from Microsoft Word to create automated merged documents.

What Our Clients Say

"The Ventures product is excellent. Someone with average software acumen can learn it on their own (including custom report writing). Ventures’ customer support is outstanding. The team is knowledgeable, and the response time exceeds my expectations. Their support is among the best I’ve experienced in my career."

Denise Zboralske
Chief Financial & Operating Officer | California Statewide CDC

"As an SBA Lender Service Provider with high volume, integrative software that provides the necessary tools for efficient and accurate application processing is crucial. The platform that Ventures+ offers has been an essential part of our success, and their customer support is excellent."

Susan George
Vice President, Lender Services | Statesman Business Advisors

"Ventures is an easy program to work with. I especially like the variety of reports that can be generated, and tweaked, for the information that we are specifically looking for. They are very helpful if there is an issue or problem."

Betty Rich
Loan Processing Manager | Growth Capital Corp

"Our CDC has utilized Ventures+ services for several years. We have always experienced the BEST customer service. Ventures+ quickly responds to questions or concerns while going above and beyond to insure quality outcomes, program understanding and quality training for their customers."

Melody Harmon
Economic Development Manager | Ark-Tex Regional Development Company

"We used Ventures+ to review Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) applications and submit to the Small Business Administration (SBA). Ventures+ is a great solution because they have a direct connection to E-Tran."

Anthony Giuliano
Sr. Director | Underwriting & Credit Policy Accion Opportunity Fund

"Ventures+ is extremely versatile with great built-in management tools and the ability to easily create your own. Since it’s web-based, the updates are immediate and seamless. CDC Ventures is more than just our software vendor, they are our partner in managing our 504 and Community Advantage lending processes. Their customer service is truly exceptional."

Mark Cousineau
President | Community Investment Corporation

"We were able to process 1,444 loans in nine days. Ventures+ is saving us a ton of time, allowing us to fund more quickly and make our small business borrowers very happy. (in reference to Paycheck Protection Program Loans – PPP)"

Tom McHale
Regional President | Pursuit Lending, a mission-based lender in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

"Ventures+ is constantly evolving with more solutions that help all phases of our loan process. And the customer support is outstanding!"

Evan Shaw
Credit Analyst | Business Finance Group

"Ventures+ is a breath of fresh air in a data driven world. Accessing loan data, moving from screen to screen and completing tasks is extremely easy to do. Ventures+ was created with a primary goal of ease of use while ensuring accuracy and completeness throughout the program. The transition to Ventures+ was seamless and the training was thorough."

Todd E. Kobernick
Attorney, Law Offices of Todd E. Kobernick